# 1 One is all together in One


"We are in this world, but not from this world", spiritual beings, that have an earthly experience. Our purpose is to return collectively back home, that is to the Oneness of the open-ended Divine Mind, which happens through our consciousness evolution.

With the consciousness evolution I mean gradual growing back into "the Image and Similitude of God", into which He created us in the beginning. It is an endless process, in which we always, at some point, collectively take a greater step forward into something totally new. The pioneers of science in physics talk about quantum changes of consciousness and the great mystics and spiritual teachers talk about the Ascension. We are all potentially capable of participating in this common project.

My own motto is: One is all together in One, by which I mean; that we are all parts of The One, either conscious or unconscious parts, but all the same, parts of The One. To participate consciously in the evolution of our consciousness is a huge step for an individual but even greater service to all of humanity. It doesn´t matter, where exactly we are on our path, the most important thing is our conscious participation. Then we strengthen the stream of our collective consciousness. We don´t form a perfect Oneness without all, because Truth is not fully invigorated without all parts, which hints that maybe after all "we are doomed to perfection."

We are spiritual beings that have this earthly vehicle or instrument; body - emotions - mind - wholeness. When we recognize this bit by bit, and start gradually putting it also into practice, we can no longer identify ourselves to our body, emotions or to the lower mind; the rational mind, as we did before. All kind of damaging action towards ourselves, other people or nature is a consequence of the limited beliefs that we have adopted during our life or many lives, which results, time after time, in identifying ourselves with our lower nature and keeping ourselves apart from our true self, others and above all, The Most High God. This hints that maybe after all "the only sin is to be separated from The Divine."

It is therefore important for us individually to learn to harmonize our body - emotions - mind - connection, so that we could become more receptive for ever greater understanding and wisdom, and further our body - mind - spirit - connection, so that through the activation of our higher Mind we could become sovereign souls and that our small human-self could fuse more and more with our true self. Then we connect with the higher collective reality of our Overself and further with our Christ Overself, and we can truly love ourselves, others, nature and all the other life-forms. We no longer attach ourselves to the lower collective consciousness, the damaging, separating thought-forms or their manifestations. Where judgement separates, love joins together. More important than "I", becomes inevitably "we". We join together harmoniously with other people to do true synergistic work and to create a steadfast foundation for the connection and co-operation between humanity and The Higher Evolution.

When we consciously step into the evolution of our consciousness and support each other on this path, we can grow into real loving servants; "servants for all but slaves to no-one."

Copyright (c) 2016, 2020 Nina Kristiina Honkanen