# 2 Loving connection


Because we are beings of a dualistic world, we have a strong tendency to participate in all kind of juxtapositioning, comparing, and judging all that we ourselves have no connection to and therefore cannot even understand properly or accept. What we are not connected to can scare us, or if we don´t yet recognize our fear, enrage us. Connection is the foundation for facing somebody or something for real, which at its best can lead to facing our fears and that, which we earlier experienced as separate from us. This in turn can be the beginning of acknowledgement, constructive interaction and the gradual healing of the relationship, which can at its best lead to something totally new.

We face the same challenges whether we look at the inner world of an individual, her relationship to herself - to that collection of more or less from each other disconnected parts, or at the outer world, her relationship to others - to that collection of more or less from themselves, us, or others disconnected people, or her relationship to nature or other life-forms. Where there is no connection, there is no real meeting. Where there is no real meeting, there is no healing of that relationship. We can see right away how our inner growth, that is, the harmonious integration of the inner parts is directly related to the healing of our outer relationships. This works also the other way around: If there is just one person near to us that genuinely accepts us as we are and wishes the best for us, it facilitates our possibilities to heal.

If there are polarities within us, there are also different polarities in the society as a whole. A typical example of this is the one between science and spirituality. I don´t say here between science and religion, because many of us associate the word religion directly to the different interpretations, rules, traditions and rituals of different religious organisations, through which people are sometimes led to practice their own God-relationship only in certain permitted ways. The hierarchical structures of religious organisations or churches can come in between the person and her God. Spirituality is also a concept that has many meanings. For me it means our own relationship with The Most High God and The Divine Family. This relationship can be cherished and strengthened in many different ways, by walking many different paths.

The whole of the evolution of our consciousness is a continual strengthening of our God-relationship and our gradual growth back into "the Image and Similitude of God", into which He created us in the beginning. This growth or development is not, as we very easily would rationally think, only some kind of a chronological and linear process but multidimensional, mystical, paradoxical, collective and most probably predetermined and purposeful process that our rational, lower mind cannot possibly comprehend or accept. It is as difficult as trying to understand the real Holy Scriptures only with the logics of our lower mind. We find a lot of evidence for this by just looking at all the misunderstandings and the using of The Holy Scriptures as a means of warware and power games. When the religious communities misunderstand their own Scriptures, it´s no wonder that scientific and other communities use this as ammunition in their own argumentation.

In the frontiers of science, at least in some areas, e.g. in quantum physics, there are researchers that do already understand that science and spirituality is the same thing. Maybe the most important object of research in this century is not the brain but consciousness. Paradoxically, consciousness is the missing link between science and spirit and at the same time consciousness itself might only be understood by bringing together these two.

It is also commonly known in the scientific world that the observer influences the observed. It´s therefore not far-fetched to think that a scientist, that has consciously entered the evolution of consciousness, observes different things and in a different way than a scientist that only uses his rational capacity. Also in modern psychology and therapy there has been an awakening to using methods that have their roots in different spiritual traditions, even though it´s not commonly spoken about or even acknowledged.

Without loving and accepting attitude - no connection. Without connection - no real meeting or constructive interaction. Without real meeting and constructive interaction - no change to better, no growth and no healing. Loving connection is the foundation for healing.

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